Explotation activities

IRTEMS project participates in the 20th Actúa UPM entrepeneurship program

The ActúaUPM is a reference program on entrepeneurship training. The program aims to promote the generation of innovative ideas and encourage entrepreneurship at the university environment.

Results from the IRTEMS project were proposed to this program competing with more than 300 other ideas and achiving it to the third and final round of this entrepeneurship competition.

The 20th ActúaUPM program began on March 21, 2023 and finished on November 29, 2023 to promote training on university related entrepeneurship. This program has helped to understand and improve the commercial opportunities of IRTEMS results, develop a bussiness plan, identify potential customers, analyse protection opportunities and finances related to the materialisation of the project into a useful and commercially interesting tool.

The partcipation in this program has improved the opportunities to commenrzialice and exploid the results from the IRTEMS project.